Whenever we have problems at the church that need to be repaired or if we have new projects such as stairs, decks, etc. the first people we call is Westbrook Repair. James and his crew are top notch in their craftsmanship, very dependable and affordable. Their work has spread throughout our congregation to the point of where I feel they could stay in business just from the demand from our people. One thing that we can always count on is the job will be done correct the first time. And James himself also volunteers his money and time several times a year to go to Guatemala and use his skills to meet the needs of two orphanages. They are a class act company.

Pastor Barry Mayfield
Parkway Baptist Church, Knoxville Tennessee

We have used the services of Westbrook Repair & Remodeling for the past 8 or 9 years for anything from tiling the floor, installing ceiling fans, windows, fixing leaks, etc.  James Westbrook is a perfectionist and expects the same from his crew.  They are always polite and professional.

Bill & Carolyn Phillips, Knoxville, Tennessee

I met and worked with James Westbrook at one of the orphanages James supports in Lemoa, Guatemala where we were both doing mission work, and, let me tell you, he knew how to do everything. James built kitchen cabinets/countertops, did all kinds of electrical and plumbing work, and even took charge of pruning the small orchard which was completely overgrown. James knows what he's doing and takes joy in doing it. I'd hire him and his team any day!!

Nathan Ottinger

James, accompanied by a team from Knoxville, TN, came to Casa Para Ninos Aleluya in the Spring of 2007.  Casa is home to over 400 abused and abandoned children just outside of Guatemala City.  When James came the plan was to build a new stage in our multipurpose building where we hold church services and just about every special event that we have.  In the past we had a crude raised platform that was built into the corner of the room.  This actually served us fairly well for many years although we were starting to outgrow it.  A few of the staff started to think about what might be possible if a new stage was to be constructed and plans were formed to have James and his team construct it.  From the minute they arrived on campus, we knew what was about to be built would far exceed our wildest dreams.  James hit the deck running.  He brought with him every tool and any material that he felt he might need.  He worked tirelessly to get the job done.  He is a perfectonist and left no detail unattended.  The end product was incredible.  A huge stage was built complete with three entry points - one being a ramp for handicapped access.  He also incorporated storage space underneath the stage which was a huge asset.  The stage itself was even shaped to give it character.  I watched James day after day as he led the construction of the stage and his God-given talent, diligent work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to lead others were just a few of the characteristics that impressed me.  James has also worked on several other projects at Casa Aleluya and he evidenced the same passion on every project.  I would happily recommend James for any job no matter how big or small.  If James has his hand on it you can rest assured it will be done with expert quality.
Carolyn Ciak
Casa Aleluya, San Bartolome, Guatemala